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How to Choose the Best Shingle Roof Color

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your shingle roof, there are numerous things to consider. Consider the theme of your house, its current exterior colour, and either you want your roof to represent or remove sunlight when selecting the perfect colour.

Darkness vs. Sunlight Colors of Roof Shingles

The energy quality and humidity level of your homes can be influenced by the colour of your shingle roof. Roofs that face the sky are continuously bombarded by radiant thermal energy from both the sun’s rays.

In the summer, light-colored roofs reflect the majority of the thermal radiation, keeping the attic as well as other areas underneath it cooler. 

Matching the Theme of Your Home

Certain colours just don’t go with certain roofing types. A trendy or modern shingle paint, for example, might not fit with a traditional And conservative home or a typical Southern home. Simple brown shingles, but at the other hand, might look out of place on a modern living room. To get a better idea of which shingle colours go with which house styles, click here.

Colors Mixing And Matching

Colors Mixing And Matching
Of course, when selecting a colour for the shingle roof, you should also think about the colour of your house. White shingles, for examples, will go with almost any colour scheme, while brown, black, grey, purple, or yellow shingles look great with a pale pink or cream home.

How Can You Say If Your Roof Has Been Damaged by Hail?

If left unattended, hail damage to a roof, no matter how insignificant, may have serious implications for the construction of your home or business. Also mild hail damage to your roof can cause surface defects in shingles, that can worsen over time which leads to leaks.

Roofing Substance vs. Hail Amount

The size of the hail as well as the material of your roof both play a role in whether or not your roof is damaged by hail. A hail stone with a size of one inch, for instance, is normally enough to destroy a capital accumulation of 3-Tab organic shingle roofs.

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